Infinity Gauntlet Feature

Depth in Diversity – Secret Wars: Infinity Gauntlet Review

Amid Marvel's push for diversity, Secret Wars: Infinity Gauntlet stands out for all the right reasons.

Addicts, Sponsors, and a Lack of Redemption

“The Sponsor” places the artist as an insecure creature and presents negative subtexts about comics, but does that derail its purpose?

Thor #1 Review: She Be Worthy Indeed

Thor #1 manages to keep a solid balance between old business and rising action but still leaves some questions about the series' new hero unanswered.


Defining Hip Hop Through “Prince of Cats”

Rather than shoe-horning aspects of hip hop into Shakespeare’s familiar tale, Prince ...

Fairy Dust Review

Spenser Anderson delivers comedy and action abound in the debut of his ...

Moon Knight #2 Review

Powerful, stand-alone stories seem to have become the exception for the superhero ...

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“Genius” Matches Police Brutality with Violence

Every now and then I appreciate the opportunity to indulge in the sort of escapism and wish fulfillment provided by Top Cow’s “Genius.”

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Mr. Street Fighter speaks at 5th annual Spring Fighter tournament

The epitome of a fighting game community (FGC) OG, Alex “CaliPower” Valle was a special guest at the NYU Game Center event, where he shared exactly this type of knowledge during an open conversation with longtime friend Seth Killian.

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Spider-Man: Family Business Review

Spider-Man battles the Kingpin and meets his long-lost sister in this original graphic novel

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All-New Ghost Rider #1 Review

Bikers aren’t cool anymore. Sons of Anarchy is ending, Lobo is skinny and Ghost Rider is finally free of the biker trope, hopefully for a long time to come.

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